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Let the guardian of privacy keep you anonymous on Slack. This bot will anonymize your messages before sending them to #random
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Let the Edward Snowden keep you anonymous on Slack. slack-bot-edward-snowden will anonymize all your messages before sending them to #random.

This tutorial assumes you've created a Heroku account. Also, know you do not need to alter this code in any way to get the Slack bot to work.


Before we deploy this app to Heroku we need to create and configure the bot on Slack.

Create a bot

Go to your team's Slack settings, and add a new bot integration. Name him edward_snowden (or whatever name you'd like).

Create a bot

After creating it, make sure to copy the API Token. You'll need it later. All other settings are for you to set as you wish.

API Token

Deploy this app to Heroku

Click on the purple button below to deploy this app to Heroku. When you click the button, Heroku will open in your browser. Before you deploy the app, add the API Token for the config variable. Also, give your app a name.


API Token Config Var

Chat anonymously!

When Heroku finishes installing the app, head over to your team's Slack chat. You'll notice Edward Snowden (or whatever you named the bot) as an active user on the sidebar. Send him or her a direct message, and see it on #random

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