The Sparrow programming language
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The Sparrow programming language

Welcome to the repository of the Sparrow compiler, the reference compiler for the Sparrow programming language.


Sparrow is a general-purpose programming language that aims to integrate efficiency, flexibility and naturalness. It is flexible enough to allow the user to write efficient code in a method that does not compromise a natural manner. It features both low-level access code constructs and high-level features. One of the central features of the language is hyper-metaprogramming; this allows using complex data structures and algorithms at compile-time, as one typically does at run-time.

So far, we have a language that:

  • it's as fast as C/C++
  • it's easier to use than C++
  • it's more flexible and powerful than a typical imperative language

We are continuing to improve the language to be even more faster, natural and flexible.

More information about the Sparrow programming langauge can be found on the documentation page page.

Sparrow needs you!

Any contribution is welcome. You can implement new language features, new library features, fix bugs or even report issues. Just follow the GitHub contributing guidelines.


Sparrow is still in development. You can take the latest version of the code, compile it and have fun.

Getting started

See instructions.


The Sparrow compiler and sample code is distributed under the MIT License.