A Simple PHP ACL
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A Simple PHP ACL This ACL gives you control over the users, user roles and their permissions. This ACL is a improved version of the ACL from a net.tuts+ tuturial.


  1. Create a MySQL database.
  2. Open assets/php/database.php with your IDE/text editor of choice.
  3. Edit the variables on lines 5-8 with the correct values for your DB setup.
  4. Save and upload all files from the archive to your webserver.
  5. Using your browser, navigate to the install.php file wherever you uploaded it.
  6. Select whether or not you want to install the sample records.
  7. Once it finishes running the SQL commands to create the tables it will redirect you to the index page.
  8. Delete install.php, install.sql, and sampleData.sql.

NOTE: If you change the ACL permissions so that user #1 no longer has the 'access_admin' permission, you won't be able to access the admin site because only userID = 1 has access to Admin Area by default.