[Experimental] Understanding game design inspiration of roguelike games via web scraping and network analysis.
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Roguelike Universe

Live Webpage: http://spaxe.github.io/roguelike-universe/

Author: Xavier Ho contact@xavierho.com

Website: http://jumptoglide.com

Developer setup

For Mac OS X and Linux:

  1. Download NodeJS in your development machine.
  2. Update npm: npm install -g npm. This guide is your friend.
  3. Install task runner by npm install -g bash-task-runner.
  4. (Mac OS X only): Install homebrew following the guide on the site.
  5. Make sure you have bash>=4, coreutils>=8.2, and autossh>=1.4.
    • Homebrew: brew install bash coreutils autossh
  6. Test the task runner by running runner test.
  7. Set up SSH access to the database machine. For now you have to ask me.
  8. Start SSL tunneling in your development machine so you can access the database: runner start_tunnel
  9. Start local server in your development machine: runner server
  10. Start local client in your development machine: runner client

Data source

This folder contains a list of roguelike games, video games, and their metadata. There are also web-scraped text about the games themselves from interviews, postmortems, devblogs, and game journals. Some files are generated by the Python scripts written in Data Collection.ipynb.

data: Contains collecdted datasets.

generated: Contains calculated or generated datasets.

List of data elements

*: generated

+ A list of video games (43,805 entries)
+ A list of roguelike games (137 entries)
+ Games
  - title
  - year
  - publisher
  - platforms
  - setting
  - website URLs *
  - descriptive content *
  - relations *

* website URLs (0 or more per roguelike game)
  - generated by searching for quoted full game title + "developer", "interview", "postmortem"

* descriptive content (0 or more entries per roguelike game)
  - body of the article scraped sans comments, forums, sidebars
  - articles that do not mention video games (including the game itself) are ignored

* relations
  - calculated by weighted mentions
  - the more mentions, the stronger the relation is
  - other factors like lexical affinity and distance should be considered

* themes (related locations, objects, time, settings)
* actions (related verbs, expressions, motions)