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Webpack / Laravel Mix build process for CMS, includes Foundation-for-Sites framework
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Webpack build process for Craft CMS

Using Laravel Mix & Foundation


Step 1 - Install / Setup Craft CMS (like normal)

  • Install Craft CMS

    • Run composer create-project craftcms/craft <PROJECT_NAME>
  • Setup Craft CMS

    • Once composer has installed the project cd <PROJECT_NAME>
    • Create a new database in your local environment before running ./craft setup
    • Run ./craft setup and follow the prompts.

This step is a normal Craft CMS install / setup. For more detailed instructions or if your having problems, refer to there docs:

Craft CMS 3 Docs

Step 2 - Download this repo

  • Download this Repo
    • We're going to download the zip of this repo rather than clone it because we're going to move it into the existing Craft CMS project folder we just created.
    • After downloading this repo extract it and move the folder's contents into the Craft CMS project that you just created. It will ask you if you want to override the existing templates directory, answer yes to this.

Step 3 - Install dependencies

  • From the root of your Craft CMS project, run yarn or if you don't have yarn, run npm install.
  • Now to compile run either yarn run watch or npm run watch

Step 4 - BrowserSync

  • To have your code auto refresh in the browser on save, be sure to add :3000 to your base URL when viewing the front-end of your site.

Other Info

  • /templates now contains a very basic layouts/app.twig and index.twig to start from.

  • Your site's CSS/JS assets will be compiled to /web/assets/dist/

  • Custom Javascript to be written in /src/js/site.js

  • Custom SCSS to be written in /src/scss/ use main.scss to import other scss files you create.

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