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SpecFlow - Cucumber for .NET

SpecFlow is a pragmatic BDD solution for .NET. It uses the Gherkin specification language and integrates to Visual Studio. It provides efficient testing solution for the .NET-related platforms, like .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono.

For questions please send them to the Discussion group.

For issues/bugs please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

Supported .NET Versions:

Build status

Continuous integration: Build Status

Deployment status

Unit Tests: Unit Tests

xUnit Integration Tests: xUnit Integration Tests

NUnit Integration Tests: NUnit Integration Tests

MSTest Integration Tests: MSTest Integration Tests

Published to MyGet: Published to MyGet

CI NuGet Package feed:


Developer Gitter channel: Join the chat at

The main development happens on the master branch.

If you are interested in contributing, there is some useful information on this page: Contributing.

Writing plugins

Plugin- Developer- Gitter channel: Gitter


Copyright (c) SpecFlow Team. See LICENSE for details.

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