Supported eye trackers

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EyeMine works directly with several different eye trackers, and can be made compatible with any eye tracker that can be used to control the mouse.

Details of how to set up your eye tracker are at Setting up your eyetracker.

Low cost gaming eye trackers

Assistive eye trackers

Built-in eye trackers in gaming laptops

EyeMine should work with any laptop that contains an EyeX-based eye tracker, such as the Acer vNitro, Alienware 17, MSI GT72, Predator XB271HUT, XB271HUT Tobii, Predator 21X or Predator Z271T. It has been tested on an Alienware 17.

Other eye trackers

If your eye tracker can control the mouse (move the cursor to where you are looking), it should be compatible with EyeMine in mouse emulation mode¹.

If you are unsure of whether your eyetracker is supported, you can try it out with EyeMine before buying a Minecraft account. Minecraft can be played in demo mode for a limited period while you are testing.

¹ This may not apply to head-movement based trackers, since EyeMine relies on fairly quick gaze changes between the Minecraft window and the EyeMine keyboard.

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