System requirements

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  • You need a Windows PC running at least Windows 7.
  • Your computer must have the minimum spec for Minecraft: Minecraft requirements
  • If you have an assistive PC and don't know the specification, check our growing list of assistive PCs to find out more: Supported assistive PCs
  • For full functionality, one of the eye-trackers listed here: Supported eye-trackers
    • For more limited functionality, you may use any eye tracker that comes with it's own software that allows you to control the mouse. See Mouse emulation for more details.
    • Check the requirements of the eyetracker you want to use and make sure your PC meets the spec.
  • Finally, you will need a Minecraft account, which can be purchased at the Minecraft homepage or from your favourite game retailer. If you create a free account you will be able to try Minecraft out completely free for a limited period. Once you're happy that EyeMine is working for you, you will need to buy a proper Minecraft account, which is less than £20. Make sure you buy Minecraft - Java Edition for PC and Mac.
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