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Where can I ask for help?

Gitter. someone from the TaxonWorks community is almost certainly lurking, we can help you in real-time.

How is TaxonWorks supporting developer contributions?

See here.

How do I report a bug or feature request?

First read this.

Use the issue tracker.

Some other conventions:

  • Categorize your issue using a label.
  • Use the prefix "task -" in the name to indicate the request for a new or improved task.
  • Use the prefix of your project name if reporting errors with a specific project.

How do I categorize a Issue on Github with a label?

Labels help us organize everything that goes on, their meaning is not always clear. A current definition of their use is here:

  • blocker - issue must be resolved before is preventing current development branch from deploying into master
  • bug - something is broken in the code
  • data migration bug - there is bad data from a specific data migration due to code that migrates that data, ultimately belongs in a different repo
  • data migration - comments, questions, updates about a specific data migration, ultimately this belongs in a different repo
  • duplicate - issue is identical, or nearly so, to another
  • enhancement - request for improving existing behaviour
  • in progress - being actively worked on
  • invalid - submitted issue doesn't provide enough information to be understood
  • model - issue pertains to a Rails model
  • question - open question to the community
  • ready - (not widely used, might be deprecated for swim lanes in waffle/projects handling) - issue is ready to be addressed
  • task - pertains to a TaxonWorks task typically defining or requesting a new one
  • wontfix - issue is acknowledge, but won't be addressed, provide a reason why

I'd like to provide an interface or workflow idea?

Perfect. Interface (e.g. forms, reports, searches) mockups are graphical ways of asking for new features. We love to see them. To create a mockup you can use tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, or more technical design tools like Balsamiq or Sketch, or just draw them on paper and take a picture with your phone. You can get them to us by opening an issue and attaching the image there. Add a little story, or multiple pictures to help describe how you might use the interface.

I use my current tools this way, and it is awesome, can I send you a video to show you?

Send! It is super useful for you to record your screen, or position a video campera to capture your work on-screen and arround you. This way we see exactly how you work. You can send us big videos through file sharing services like

How do I set up my development environment?

See the install_taxonworks repository.

How do I submit changes to the code base?

To get started, first fork this project on GitHub and follow the Installation steps listed above. Then make a new branch off of "development" and name it in the format of "feature-name" and start programming. The workflow for this project is that subsequent pulls from the "development" branch should be rebased into the new feature branch so that the latest commits on the feature branch are related to the feature that is being implemented, a more indepth explanation of this practice can be found here. Once the feature has been completed and tested thoroughly, submit a pull request to this repo and wait for it to be looked at and hopefully approved.

Documenting code

TaxonWorks code documentation is done inline with Yard tags.

Is there a database schema I can see?

See db/schema.rb, or, better, checkout out the model documentation. Documentation on concepts is underway. You can also use a rake task to generate the current SQL structure, or Rails schema.rb.