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Spectra S3 Go SDK

Build Status Apache V2 License

An SDK conforming to Spectra S3 for Golang 1.10

Contact Us

Join us at our Google Groups forum to ask questions, or see frequently asked questions.


If you would like to contribute to the source code, sign the Contributors Agreement. For an overview of how we use Github, please review our Github Workflow.


The latest documentation is located at Go SDK Documentation.

Installing with GB

The Go SDK must be installed under $GOPATH/src/, where $GOPATH denotes the location of the Go workspace, and src denotes the location of source files within the workspace. For information regarding Go workspace, see Golang Workspaces.

Install the latest version of the Go SDK in the src/ folder. You can clone it with the following command:

cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone

Install the latest version of GB. Make sure to compiled the GB project.

Compile the Go SDK using GB with the commands:

cd ds3_go_sdk
gb build all


In the ds3_go_sdk you create a Client instance through the setting of the following environment variables and using buildclient.FromEnv().

  • DS3_ENDPOINT - The URL to the DS3 Endpoint
  • DS3_ACCESS_KEY - The DS3 access key
  • DS3_SECRET_KEY - The DS3 secret key
  • http_proxy - If set, the Client instance will proxy through this URL


All examples are listed in the samples module. All samples can be run from samples main.

Running Tests with GB

There are unit tests in the ds3 package, and integration tests in the ds3_integration package. To run tests, cd to the Go SDK's main folder ds3_go_sdk.

In order to run the integration tests the following environment variables must be used to configure which DS3 appliance to run the tests against: DS3_ENDPOINT, DS3_ACCESS_KEY, and DS3_SECRET_KEY.

Run all tests (unit and integration) with test output:

gb test -v

Run unit tests with test output:

gb test -v ds3

Run integration tests with test output:

gb test -v ds3_integration


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