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Visualization of the collatz conjecture in processing
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You can change some of the settings yourself if you like, here is a short description for each of the settings

value description
iterative If it's animated or not (bad naming, this should've been "animate")
N The maximum value of n (if iterative is true, this is multiplied by 10 to get a similar looking image)
L length of a single line
W width of the lines which is a multiple of L, so changing L has the effect of scaling the image
segperloop how fast the animation goes (if you want to try N=5000000, set this to about 1000)
rmin minimum value of red (gmin and bmin for green and blue)
rmax maximum value of red (gmax and bmax for green and blue)
rvar how fast the value of red changes (gvar and bvar for green and blue)
useSeed if true, uses the value of seed so that you get the same result every time
seed the value of the random seed (currently set to the Battle of Hastings)
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