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SpectroCoin Joomla! VirtueMart Crypto Payment Extension

Integrate cryptocurrency payments seamlessly into your VirtueMart store with the SpectroCoin VirtueMart Payment Extension. This extension facilitates the acceptance of a variety of cryptocurrencies, enhancing payment options for your customers. Easily configure and implement secure transactions for a streamlined payment process on your Joomla! website.


  1. Download extension files from github.
  2. In Joomla! dashboard go to System tab -> In "Install" tab go to Extensions
  3. Upload Package File -> Upload module zip file.
  4. In Joomla! dashboard go to Components -> VirtueMart -> Payment Methods
  5. If Spectrocoin payment method is not visible click New -> Enter "Payment Name", in "Payment Method" select "VM Payment - Spectrocoin" and click Save.
  6. Go back to Payment Methods and publish Spectrocoin payment method.
  7. Move to Setting up section

Setting up

  1. Sign up for a Spectroin Account.
  2. Log in to your Spectroin account.
  3. On the dashboard, locate the "Business" tab and click on it.
  4. Click on "New project".
  5. Fill in the project details and select desired settings (settings can be changed).
  6. The Private and Public keys are obtained from your merchant project's settings page. Private key is only displayed once when the project is created, but can be newly generated by pressing on "Generate" button below your Public key field. Copy the newly generated private and public keys and store them in module settings.
  7. Click "Submit" to save the project and then click "Close".
  8. Select the option "All projects" and choose your project.
  9. In extension settings fill the merchant id and project id.

Make it work on localhost

In order to make the plugin work on localhost for testing purposes, change these 3 lines in SCMechantClient.php createOrder() function:

'callbackUrl' => $request->getCallbackUrl(),
'successUrl' => $request->getSuccessUrl(),
'failureUrl' => $request->getFailureUrl()


'callbackUrl' => '',
'successUrl' => '',
'failureUrl' => ''

Don't forget to change it back when migrating website to public.


Version 1.0.0 MAJOR (09/28/2023):

  • Removed "API URL" field in extension configuration, since is always the same
  • Added Function documentation.
  • Added FIAT currency checking, if selected shop currency is not accepted, Spectrocoin payment method will not be visible
  • Maintaining openssl_free_key() deprecated function for older php versions < 8.0


This client has been developed by If you need any further support regarding our services you can contact us via:

Skype: spectrocoin_merchant