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PCL Spectrolab

This repository contains the code from the Spectrolab PCL code sprint. Development of this software was sponsored by Spectrolab and Open Perception. It contains a [Spectroscan 3D] ( driver, PCL Grabber, and 3D Viewer.

The latest version of this repository can be found on :


The software requires PCL 1.7.2 and Qt4. Precompiled binaries can be found here To compile, go into the pcl_spectrolab repository directory

mkdir build
cd buid
cmake .. & make

##Setup To use the software, the computer must be connected to the scanner such that the computer has the IP address You need to specify how to find the scanner using arp

Unix : sudo arp -s 00:0F:CC:23:00:01 Windows : arp -s 00-0F-CC-23-00-01

This needs to be done everytime the system is started.

All programs that use the scanner must currently be run as Administrator or root user because the system uses low port numbers.

To view a live point cloud stream, record the stream, or play back a saved stream:

sudo ./spectrolab_viewer

To test the scanner, you can grab a single frame using

sudo ./spectroscan3d_grabpcd  frame

##Spectrolab Viewer

The Spectrolab Viewer is 3D point cloud viewer which can load .pcd (point cloud data) and .ssi (Spectrolab Scan Images). The point clouds can be colored by many different renderes for optimal viewing. Choose renders by using the viewer's play button menu. Additionally, the viewer can open directories of scans and play them back as a streaming movie.

The viewer also doubles as a live streaming interface to the Spectroscan 3D lidar camera. Use the Spectroscan3D menu to connect and interact with the scanner.

To record Spectroscan3D movies, simply use the record button on the player. Movies can be recorded as PCD or SSI files.

sudo ./spectrolab_viewer

##Example Programs The tools directory contains basic programs demonstrating the driver's API. Use these programs to learn how to use this repository. There are example programs for grabing point clouds, save intensity images, and creating a simple streaming viewer for your Spectroscan 3D.

  • spectroscan3d_grabframe.cpp - grab a frame and save as an ssi binary
  • spectroscan3d_grabpcd.cpp - grab a frame and save as a pcd file
  • spectroscan3d_frame_to_png.cpp - convert a Spectroscan 3D ssi binary to a png intensity image
  • simple_movie_player.cpp - play a directory of *.ssi binary files in a 3D viewer
  • spectroscan3d_simple_viewer.cpp - stream a point cloud from a Spectroscan 3D to a 3D viewer