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Speech Rule Engine

Text to Speech for Mathematics

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  1. speech-rule-engine speech-rule-engine Public

    Generating speech descriptions for XML structures

    TypeScript 73 39

  2. semantic-tree-visualiser semantic-tree-visualiser Public

    JavaScript 3 2

  3. sre-webpages sre-webpages Public

    Web Pages for the Speech Rule Engine

    HTML 3

  4. emacs-math-speak emacs-math-speak Public

    A bridge between emacs-speak and the speech-rule-engine.

    TeX 2

  5. sre-tests sre-tests Public

    Tests for Speech Rule Engine

    HTML 1 2

  6. sre-l10n sre-l10n Public

    Localisations for SRE

    TypeScript 1 4


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