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Localisation of Speech Rule Engine

These are the localisation facitlities for the speech rule engine. It contains code and files for localising speech rule files. These are now available in a Yaml format and can be more easily localised than in their previous JSON format.

For explanations of the format and what needs to be done to localise them into your language, see here for details.


Full translation of Speech Rules

Forward translation of all locales:

let trans = require('./js/base/translate');

Backward translation of all locales:

let trans = require('./js/base/translate');

Translating MathMaps

Translation of mathmaps is done with the functions in maps.ts.

let maps = require('./js/base/maps');

Forward translation is done with the convert methods.


Backward translation is done with the retrieve methods.


Message Localisations

This is currently still done with the SplitJson module from the sre-resources repository using the spreadsheets split into single csv files.

Adding a new Locale

Symbol Maps

Use the convert methods to do the initial conversion of the (potentially empty) mathmaps. Merge into crowdin branch and push to crowdin.

Possible cleanup needed:

greek-rest, digits_rest


  • Add new locale to variable in util.ts.
  • Prepare empty rule and actions files for new locale.
  • Generate basic rules files with forward translation.
  • Replace the corresponding yaml files with the translated ones or create them new.
  • Translate backwards, this will result in the correct rule files in SRE.
  • Translate forwards once more to update comment files, json files, etc. in the l10n repository.

Things to Pay Attention to

  • When making changes in the rule files in SRE, run trans.translateForwardAll(); twice to also update the comments files correctly.
  • When making changes in the comment yaml file, update comments file and rerun translation:
    let comment = require('./js/base/comment');


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