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Speed Patterns

A collection of design patterns for fast web sites published on

The goal of this project is to collect product / UX / visual design patterns for creating fast web sites and intended to help product managers, web designers and front-end developers plan speedy experiences from project inception or help articulate the improvements when performance issues are identified later down the road.

We concentrate on describing user experience challenges and solutions, but also provide technical details on how to understand if pattern is being followed and identify potential issues.

High level technical solution might also be provided, but linking to outside technical resources and industry articles is encouraged as we strive to define stable long-term patterns rooted in user psychology and web fundamentals and not on specific solutions that vary too much based on technology stacks and latest developments in browser technology.


Project is open for everybody to contribute. Please help us cover as many use-cases and known solutions to speed design problems as possible. See Contributing Guide to see how you can help.


A collection of design patterns for fast web sites



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