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How to Contribute

1. Propose new pattern

To make sure we cover as many patterns as possible to help development of fast web sites (as opposed to discovering issues too late in the game), you are encouraged to submit new patterns to the project.

Submit a new issue and describe a high level pattern to start the discussion on what is the best approach to document a pattern and gather feedback from maintainers and other members. To help others get a headstart in understanding the pattern, you can collect some of the following supporting materials:

  • Links to existing blog posts, articles, videos describing the issues or solutions to the problem
  • Links to web sites that already successfully implement the pattern
  • Illustrations of the problems in the form of screen grabs or videos / animated GIFs showing successes and failures to implement the pattern
  • Technical documentation helping identify the properly followed pattern, e.g. waterfall charts and filmstrips. Links to WebPageTest test results help a lot.

You can mark submissions that are in early stages of definition and need more active help using draft label.


By contributing to this project, you agree that your work will be shared under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Lincense License: CC BY 4.0

Please help us attribute your work properly by adding your name to CONTRIBUTORS file

2. Help formulating new patterns

It takes some good conversation to describe a design pattern to make sure it is well established and has legs, please help by reviewing and leaving comments on existing submissions and pull requests.

3. Add new pattern page

When it is clear that the pattern is well established and you collected feedback from other members and maintainers, create a new pattern file in /_patterns/ folder and supporting assets in /assets/ folder and open a pull request. Please include a link to existing pattern issues to help maintainers get context of the previous conversation.

4. Celebrate and share

Patterns and best practices are only good if the are followed.

Start by adopting them and celebrating them in your development and share them with your collegues and wider public.

Don't forget to celebrate the accomplishments with a healthy party or better yet, a meetup!