How to compile

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Part 1. shutdown XBMC and boblight for faster compiling and update the package repository:

sudo initctl stop xbmc
sudo initctl stop boblight
sudo apt-get update

Part 2. install necessary dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0 make gcc g++ git libboost-dev libtool

Part 3. Clone the optimized source:

cd ~
sudo git clone git://

Part 4. Compile:

cd boblightd-for-raspberry/
sudo make;sudo make install
Now take a cup of coffee and wait till the compiling is finished.

After compiling the file can be found in /usr/lib/ and /usr/bin/

Now you are finished. I hope you enjoy this version.

READ THIS: This version needs another lightnames in boblight.conf, only 3 chars not more and not lower

[light] name 1 << This is wrong, it must be XX1 or 001 or 1XX
color red ambilight 1
color green ambilight 2
color blue ambilight 3
hscan 30 35
vscan 90 100

That's all folks!!

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