A fullstack todo list app!
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A live demo of the app van be viewed at https://vigorous-advice.surge.sh/

Honey Dew

The eventual purpose of this app will be to send to-do items and notes to friends, romantic partners, and colleagues.

Overarching Goals and Core Ideas

  1. Write your own todo list.
  2. Maintain multiple lists. (Feature not added for V1)
  3. Maintain a list of contacts that are addable by email or facebook. (Feature not added)
  4. Send Todo items to contacts.
  5. Receive responses on todo items from contacts.

App features

  • These are feature not seen nor noticed by the end user
  • So far most of the work has been put into building out these secondary features.
Many more features are to be added in the future. These are minimum V1 features that I believe are necessary.
  • 1) Secure login with e-mail and password.
  • 2) Connect account facebook securely. (In progress - mostly finished)
  • 3) Flash messaging/notifications for users, and a message history. (Flash messages done, history IP)
  • 4) Offline and low connection performance
  • 5) Full CRUD abilities for todosState
  • 6) User account, editable, picture file uploads(in progress)
  • 7) Account verification via email.(Feature not added)