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The application can be viewed and demo at

Honey Dew Backend

The backend is a NodeJs restful API. It is written with Babel, ES6, Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB.

It uses a simple middleware to protect endpoint with JWT. The JWT must be kept in a X-auth header for it to be read and decrypted by the API. To recieve JWT.

  • POST /users with a JSON password and email fields. You will be returned a valid JWT.
  • GET /users/me to return user information
  • POST /users/logout to invalidate your JWT
  • POST /users/login to return a valid JWT.

It has four primary endpoints for creating, reading, updating, and deleting Todo items.

  • GET /API/todos
  • GET /API/todos/:id
  • POST /API/todos
  • DELETE /API/todos/:id
  • PUT /API/todos/:id

The API is currently live on heroku.


In development is persisent logins with Facebook. Multiple Todolists. User interaction for social todo lists.