PostgreSQL create + import script for researching the NBC Russian troll tweet dump.
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PostgreSQL create + import script for researching the NBC Russian troll tweet dump.


NBC has published a database of the deleted Russian troll tweets. There's even a nifty graph database for exploring them, Neo4j.

But what if you want to explore the data in your own PostgreSQL database? Here is some SQL to create the database and tables, import the CSV files, and convert text data to more convenient formats.

Tested on PostgreSQL 9.3.21, may require adaptation to work with other RDBMSs or versions.


Prerequisite: install and configure PostgreSQL.

Download tweets.csv and users.csv.

As a user with superuser status, run:

psql -f democracyCreate.sql -v users="'/path/to/users.csv'" -v tweets="'/path/to/tweets.csv'"

Note: this will name the database "democracy"; if you already have a database with that name, edit the first line of the script to call it something else instead.

The schema that results will look like:

                     Table "public.twitter_user"
      Column      |           Type           | Modifiers 
 id               | character varying(18)    | 
 location         | character varying(29)    | 
 name             | character varying(20)    | 
 followers_count  | integer                  | 
 statuses_count   | integer                  | 
 time_zone        | character varying(27)    | 
 verified         | boolean                  | 
 lang             | character varying(2)     | 
 screen_name      | character varying(15)    | 
 description      | character varying(160)   | 
 created_at       | timestamp with time zone | 
 favourites_count | integer                  | 
 friends_count    | integer                  | 
 listed_count     | integer                  | 
    "twitter_user_id_key" UNIQUE CONSTRAINT, btree (id)
Referenced by:
    TABLE "tweet" CONSTRAINT "tweet_twitter_user_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (user_id) REFERENCES twitter_user(id)

                     Table "public.tweet"
        Column         |           Type           | Modifiers 
 user_id               | character varying(18)    | 
 user_key              | character varying(15)    | 
 created_at            | timestamp with time zone | 
 created_str           | character varying(19)    | 
 retweet_count         | integer                  | 
 retweeted             | boolean                  | 
 favorite_count        | integer                  | 
 text                  | character varying(191)   | 
 tweet_id              | character varying(18)    | 
 source                | character varying(93)    | 
 hashtags              | json                     | 
 expanded_urls         | json                     | 
 posted                | character varying(6)     | 
 mentions              | json                     | 
 retweeted_status_id   | character varying(19)    | 
 in_reply_to_status_id | character varying(21)    | 
Foreign-key constraints:
    "tweet_twitter_user_fkey" FOREIGN KEY (user_id) REFERENCES twitter_user(id)

Example Queries

What tweets were most popular?

SELECT, tweet.text, (tweet.favorite_count + tweet.retweet_count) AS activity_count
FROM twitter_user
JOIN tweet ON = tweet.user_id
WHERE (tweet.favorite_count IS NOT NULL OR tweet.retweet_count IS NOT NULL)
ORDER BY (tweet.favorite_count + tweet.retweet_count) DESC

What Twitter clients do trolls prefer?

SELECT source, COUNT(*) FROM tweet
GROUP BY source