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An IJava binder base for trying the Java Jupyter kernel on
Jupyter Notebook Dockerfile
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Launch IJava binder Launch IJava lab binder

A Binder compatible repository to try out the IJava kernel with just a web browser. Depending on if the docker image is already built, spawning the notebook may take some time and so please be patient with it.

In the future this repository may be populated with more example notebooks but it mainly serves to meet the requirements for using the Binder service to play around with the IJava kernel.

Other binders running the IJava kernel

Notebook Source Repository Try online Launch calcite-notebooks binder Launch calcite-notebooks lab binder Launch vavr-notebook binder Launch vavr-notebook lab binder Launch rapaio-notebooks binder Launch rapaio-notebook lab binder

Notebook authors

If you are writing Jupyter notebooks in Java and publishing them on GitHub you are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to take any scripts from here and add them to your repository so that visitors may try out your notebooks without any installation.

Likely all that is needed is the Dockerfile at the top level of your repo and the requirements.txt to use the same versions for jupyter packages. Then add some badges from to your README and everything should be good to go! If you have a repository with IJava notebooks, please feel free to open a PR (or raise an issue) adding a link in the list above.

The requirements.txt is generated from a working installation with pipdeptree -f --warn silence -p jupyter,jupyterlab | sed 's/^\s*//' | sort | uniq which should pin down all related library versions.

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