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The language

Check out MellowD which is the language these tools were created to support.

Brackets Extension

For developers hacking with Brackets you can grab this extension to get some syntax highlighting for .mlod files.

  1. Download/open Brackets
  2. Click on the lego icon on the right to open the extensions window
  3. In the Available tab search for MellowD and install the MellowD Syntax Highlighter plugin by Spencer Park. (That's me!)
  4. The theme I use (which also looks great with this syntax highlighter) is Default Dark - Base16

CodeMirror Mode

CodeMirror is a fantastic project that is open source on GitHub at It is essentially a code editor written in javascript that Brackets has made use of under the hood.

To support a new language in CodeMirror you need to write a mode that teaches it how to highlight the syntax and that is exactly what this project did. You can find the mode in the codemirror directory written in typescript. If you want to embed a MellowD editor on a website this is the mode you will need to use.


The project uses npm for dependency management and gulp for building. If you don't have npm you will need to install NodeJS for your system. This should include npm so just make sure it is included in your PATH by running npm -version.

  1. Clone this repository
    git clone
  2. Install all the required packages
    cd mellowd-lang-support/
    npm install
    cd codemirror
    npm install
    cd ../../
  3. Build the projects: If you have gulp installed globally (you ran npm install -g gulp) then just run
    cd mellowd-lang-support/
    gulp build
    Otherwise you can skip the global install and just use the local one you just installed
    cd mellowd-lang-support/
    ./node_modules/.bin/gulp build


Support tools for editing code in the MellowD language.








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