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Pick a name from a list randomly in a provably honest way
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Satoshi's Wheel of Fortune

Pick a name from a list randomly and in a provably honest way using Bitcoin's blockchain. Demo.

The admin can set a list of names and a (future) block number. The client app then uses the api from to retrieve the nonce for the given block number and extracts a name from the list using the formula n = nonce % num_participants.

The username and password for the admin can be set in the file .deploy/settings.json.

Run locally with:

npm install
meteor run --settings .deploy/settings.json

To deploy you need to have pm2-meteor installed locally. You also need a server with node, mongo and pm2. Rename .deploy/pm2-meteor-template.json to .deploy/pm2-meteor.json and .deploy/settings-template.json to .deploy/settings.json Then edit those two files and deploy with:

cd .deploy
pm2-meteor deploy
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