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make test crash when using pcre jit #23

rainerjung opened this Issue · 5 comments

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make test crashes with a segfault if configure was run with pcre jit enabled.
Crash happens in rx.t, e.g. in

./msc_test "-t" "op" "-n" "rx" "-p" "" "-D" "0" "-r" "1"

Stack shows that the problem is in apache2/re_operators.c:

998         rc = msc_fullinfo(regex, PCRE_INFO_JIT, &jit);
999         if ((rc != 0) || (jit != 1)) {

1000 *error_msg = apr_psprintf(rule->ruleset->mp,
1001 "Rule %pp [id \"%s\"][file \"%s\"][line \"%d\"] - "
1002 "Execution error - "
1003 "Does not support JIT (%d)",
1004 rule,((rule->actionset != NULL)&&(rule->actionset->id != NULL)) ? rule->actionset->id : "-",
1005 rule->filename != NULL ? rule->filename : "-",
1006 rule->line_num,rc);
1007 }

The rule used here has non-null actionset, but the id is set to 0xffffffff which can't be printed with %s.

The crash can be avoided by e.g. the following patch to tests/msc_test.c:

--- msc_test.c 2012-12-29 20:22:37.515480000 +0100
+++ msc_test.c 2012-12-29 20:23:32.392925000 +0100
@@ -325,9 +325,6 @@
*errmsg = apr_psprintf(g_mp, "Failed to create rule for op \"%s\": %s", name, *errmsg);
return -1;

  • if (data->rule->actionset != NULL) {
  • data->rule->actionset->id = "1";
  • }

    /* Create a fake variable */
    data->var = (msre_var *)apr_pcalloc(g_mp, sizeof(msre_var));

Note that I don't know why the test entered the error path in line 999 above. It shouldn't crash though.


Hello Rainer,

I cannot reproduce this issue. Could you tell me what pcre version and linux distro you are using ?


Can you try replace the *errmsg in re_operators.c to:

                *error_msg = apr_psprintf(rule->ruleset->mp,
                        "Rule %pp [id \"%s\"][file \"%s\"][line \"%d\"] - "
                        "Execution error - "
                        "Does not support JIT (%d)",
                        rule,((rule->actionset != NULL)&&((rule->actionset->id != NULL)&&
                                (rule->actionset->id != NOT_SET_P))) ? rule->actionset->id : "-",
                        rule->filename != NULL ? rule->filename : "-",

Let me know if it fix the issue


PCRE Version: PCRE 8.32


  • Solaris 10 Sparc gcc 4.7.2
  • SuSE SLES 11 x86_64 platform gcc
  • REHL 6 x86_64 platform gcc

all with custom build Apache

Of course it only happens with "--enable-pcre-jit".

Full configure line:


Will test your suggested patch and report back.


Yes, your patch fixes the test failures for me on all platforms.

Note that the same test against NULL but not against NOT_SET_P happens in 9 places in re_operators.c. Not sure whether the test against NOT_SET_P is needed in all those places.

Some similar checks occur in re.c. The file apache2_config.c seems OK to me.



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