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META-BUG: Reduce the dependency of libapr and apache from the standalone version (nginx and IIS) #661

zimmerle opened this Issue Feb 10, 2014 · 3 comments

4 participants

SpiderLabs member

Due to historical reasons ModSecurity depends on Apache and libapr, even the standalone module which today is used by the Nginx version and IIS. It means that the users have to have Apache and Libapr in order to get ModSecurity build for Nginx.

This meta bug was created to keep register of any effort or ideas in order to get standalone module independent of Apache or libapr.


Firstly, we need to break the dependency upon Apache httpd,i.e. to replace all ap_http_* with apr_* in standalone.lib.

abedra commented Apr 30, 2014

+1. Interested in working on this!

SpiderLabs member

#686 depends on this issue.

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