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This utility was created in order to make easy the maintenance of the SDBM files which stores ModSecurity persistent collections.

List of options:

  • -k, shrink: Removes all the expired elements as long as others not well formated items from the database.
  • -n, new: Extract valid items of a database to a new one. Output will be: /tmp/new_db.[ip,pag]
  • -s, status: Print information about the table, such us the amount of items, amount of expired items and also the amount of malformed items that may be using space;
  • -d, dump: Dump all database items to 'stdout';
  • -u, unpack: Interpret the content of the value as ModSecurity does, printing the results to the console. (This does not make sense without the -d option);
  • -x, expired: Print only the expired elements. (As unpack, this item does not make sense without the dump option)
  • -r, remove: Expects to receive a key as a paramter to be removed;
  • -v, verbose: Some extra information about what this utility is doing;
  • -h, help: this message.
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