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Welcome to the Crypton Wiki

Crypton is for developers who want to build privacy into their apps. Crypton allows developers to provide customers a truly private storage and collaboration environment with no access to unencrypted customer data, without having to rely on 3rd party security layers or post development hacks.

For a more complete overview please see https://crypton.io

Email Discussion List


IRC Channel

irc.oftc.net #crypton

Development Meetings

The Crypton team holds a weekly meeting to discuss the latest development activity, new features, the "roadmap", bugs, and anything else participants would like to discuss.

Meeting Etherpad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Crypton-meeting

Weekly Meeting information

Every Thursday @ 16:00 Central US Time, 14:00 Pacific US, 21:00 GMT (GMT/UTC - 05:00 hour (CDT))

Visit https://appear.in/crypton-weekly to participate. This is a video and audio conferencing application built on WebRTC

Technical Notes

Which branch is "stable"?

  • The "master" branch is the latest code and is stable.


Release Notes