detect and publish postgres events on a zeromq PUB socket
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This program is named after the ubiquitous reporter Rita Skeeter from the Harry Potter novels. Like Rita, this program will LISTEN (to postgres) and PUBlish (to zeromq).

We at SpiderOak developed this to reduce the number of open database connectons. Instead of every program opening a database connection to listen for Postgresql notifications, they can subscribe to a channel on the PUB server.

Our servers are currently running Ubuntu 10.4 LTS. Skeeter is mainstream code, so it should run on any reasonably current Linux.


skeeter [-c=<path-to-config-file>]

skeeter will look for the config file at ${HOME}/.skeeterrc by default.


Development build:

make dev

Production build


  • The development build is good for use with valgrind
  • The production build sets NDEBUG which, among other things, causes logging to syslog.


We use Postgresql 9.x. In addition to the server, you will need the development library. On Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libpq-dev

We use a simple ZeroMQ PUB server. You will need the ZeroMQ development library. On Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libzmq-dev.


Skeeter uses a config file to define parameters that are site specific, or tunable. By default the config file is located at ${HOME}/.skeeterrc but you can override this from the command line.

We have included a sample config file, skeeterrc with comments documentating the options.

Testing/Example Code

We don't have any unit tests (sorry Zed). We do have a test framework consisting of two python programs:


    This program reads the skeeterrc config file and posts random notifications to the database.


    This program reads the skeeterrc config file and subscribes to the 0mq PUB socket. It logs reported events to stdout.


This code is heavily influenced by Zed Shaw's 'Learn C the Hard Way'

dbg.h is copied directly from LCTHW also, the use of bstrings

You should read the truly excellent 0mq Guide

Contact us

This is an open source project from SpiderOak

send mail to Doug Fort