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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Jan 17, 2021 · 4 commits to master since this release

Cirrus 0.6.1 is a minor update that addresses a few issues that were found in 0.6.0. It also corrects the column behaviors for xs, sm, etc. viewports to be more aligned with what is expected.

🎉 Features

  • Added rounded tag groups, added primary color to control themes, updated BEM notation for tag. #49

  • tile now inherits overflow rules. 4a4f276.

  • Using multiple column breakpoint classes will now respond accordingly. For example with the code example below, the div will span 8 columns for large screens and above but will span 4 columns for all screen sizes up to large. This is more in line with the behavior seen in most major frameworks. e6a0fd2

    <div class="col-xs-4 col-lg-8"></div>
  • Added BEM compliant class names for card. The old class names will still be supported but will be deprecated in a future release. #51

🐛 Fixes

  • Removed extra space between label and input-control when the input contains an icon. #47
  • Fixed tile not overflowing correctly in smaller screens. ad43bc2.
  • Fixed inconsistent card UI when certain heights caused by overflowing text content. 8859388

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Shifted column sizes down one step: new xs that begins at 0px, old xs -> new sm, old sm -> new md, old md -> new lg, old lg -> new xl. This is to have better consistency with the majority of viewports we see today. d2784b7
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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Nov 2, 2020 · 27 commits to master since this release

Cirrus 0.6.0 is a massive step forward towards our official release of version 1.0.0. This update is comprised of an SCSS rewrite, a documentation overhaul, and the addition of many helper classes in the utils file. I've worked very hard on this update and I really hope you all enjoy it! Check out the new documentation here.

🎉 Features

  • Complete rewrite of framework to use Scss.
  • Overhauled documentation for better developer experience.
  • Utility classes updates:
    • A lot of new utility classes were added and can be seen in the Utilities section of the documentation.
    • Added some text utility classes like u-text-justify for text modification. e20f6a6
    • Added utils for positioning elements. 089cd34
  • Added margin/padding utility classes in spacing.scss. 79ab814
  • Updated text element margins, increased spacing between title and subtitle. 4072d50
  • Added our v2 color palette. 7ff010d
  • More utility classes added for element display. edfaf7e
  • Links will now have display: static (which is the browser default). 089cd34
  • Padding/margin classes will now have !important 089cd34
  • btn-circle now dynamically scales with content. ccefd9f
  • Improved styles for fieldset. 5678de0
  • Added column classes with breakpoints, such as col-xs-*, col-sm-*, and col-lg-*. 7d3381f
  • Face lifted code component.

🐛 Fixes

  • More consistent theming for :focus selector on input. c53c8de
  • Added accessibility styles for form-ext-* classes with outline. c53c8de
  • Fixed issue for button group rounding being inconsistent at certain widths. 43e8499
  • Made font sizes more normalized around 1rem instead of being more varying in sizes across framework. 54a8618
  • Fixed issue with header dropdown having incorrect positioning. fcf11e8
  • Removed side padding for row. fcf11e8
  • More predictable behavior with button being inline-flex. fcf11e8
  • Better padding sizes for buttons. 9eb17f7
  • Fixed incorrect padding for glyphs in forms. 9fa0c1c
  • Better tag sizing. 2c823af
  • Mobile devices can now select CSS only dropdown menu. 54f17c3
    • For dropdown menus where the toggle button contains the .toggle-hover class, menus will now show correctly on mobile devices without JS. aaa52e4
    • Behavior of dropdown menus without the toggle-hover class will remain the same and require JS. aaa52e4
  • Fixed form-groups for buttons. ee175d0
  • Many other minor class fixes.

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Class changes:
    • italics -> font-italics. e20f6a6
    • u-this-overlay -> u-overlay.
    • .space.x-large -> .space.xlarge 9fa0c1c
  • Deprecations:
    • u-box e20f6a6
    • u-fill-width, use w-100 instead. e20f6a6
    • level-left and level-right 155dea3
    • u-no-padding, use p-0 instead.
    • u-no-margin, use m-0 instead.
  • The former <space> element is now the space class to by compliant with HTML standards. 0b12d85
  • Footer has now been revamped with these changes:
    • Footer title changed from h6 to .footer__title
    • .footer-list-title changed to .footer__list-title
    • .list-item changed to .footer__list-item
    • .footer-fixed changed to .footer--fixed
  • All classes for form-section are deprecated. Use spacing utility classes instead.
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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Aug 26, 2019 · 166 commits to master since this release

This update consists of more styles and a complete rewrite of some of the classes with modularity in mind. The migration from 0.5.4 to 0.5.5 may take some time since it consists of a lot of class renaming and deprecation of different styles.


  • Standardized grid points according to the docs to be more consistent across different layouts.
  • Modularized and added more button styles. Can be seen in here.
  • Added styled checkboxes, radiobuttons, and toggles over here.
  • Added new headline component for larger text displays.
  • Added new classes for different forecolor. Additional Classes.
  • Added pill styled controls. Pill Forms.
  • Added bordered pagination.
  • Added tags.
  • Updated btn-link style.
  • Separated bulds into core and ext builds, where core only comes with the essential styles.
  • Cleaner styling with lower use of !important styles.
  • Added CSS variables for theme.
  • Added CSS Grid.
  • Cleaned up more classes to follow BEM notation.
  • Fixed up button borders for btn-group.
  • Updated design for divider now with new vertical divider styles.
  • Fixed up modal dialogs for modal views.
  • Glyphs inside input now has automatically scaling font sizes.
  • row now applies display: flex as intended from before.
  • #18 Did not adapt for stricter linting, but took away other class name changes.
  • Updated SVGs within framework to fix this issue.
  • Updated card-footer margins and different colors.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Set padding-start to 0 for ul inside tab-container.
  • Added classes for button focus states.
  • Normalized framework styles for classless components (better default styles).
  • Updated toast styles.
  • Other misc. updates that involved color changes, sizing changes, etc.


  • Deprecated .fluid-container and .fluid-container .row.
  • Removed .row.wrap, .row will automatically wrap content.
  • Removed .divider-short.


  • Removed line-height-auto from all text elements b3587c6.
  • Removed .text-success and .text-error and combined it with input-success and input-error respectively c56d9f1.
  • Removed divider-short 412a786.
  • Removed content-no-padding and content-fluid fd0b58a.
  • Changed .light to .font-alt for changing font weights f84b264.
  • Removed font weight modifiers f84b264.
  • Removed height for tags f84b264.
  • Removed older button styles from version 0.5.4 330e1c3.
  • Removed btn-xxlarge due to lack of usage cafa780.
  • Updated form color classes from --danger to --error 6050e30.
  • Changed fa to `fa-wrapper to avoid conflict with FontAwesome b83d7a1.
  • Removed btn-accent 36058c1.
  • Renamed menu-dropdown to list list-dropown.
  • Removed fluid-container and col-fluid, just use row and col respectively.
  • Renamed .row.expand to .row.row--nowrap.
  • Removed .divded class within row since the divider class replaces it.
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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this May 26, 2018 · 419 commits to master since this release

Major update that polishes many of the new features added in 0.5.3 and finished documentation (below are just the main changes). There are some breaking changes that will be outlined below moving from 0.5.3.

Main Updates

  • Tab control is no longer cutoff on the right side by other elements.
  • Updated header styles to be more consistent with expected behavior. navbar a now spans the height of the header menu.
  • Dark theme added to code blocks along with some font size changes for better readabilities.
  • Font Awesome glyphs are no longer set to have a height of 100%.
  • Updated footer to add more balanced padding at the top and bottom
  • card-title now has a more subtle shadow.
  • Subsections of modal now have padding of 1rem 3rem to reduce clustering.
  • More transitions added to modal (refer to documentation in Components)
  • Redesigned tooltip to be component agnostic and added more directions for tooltip display.
  • Spacing between title and sub-title now makes sense and removed font size modifier on sub-title
  • button.animated animations is more subtle.
  • blockquote font size bumped up to 0.95rem
  • Removed extra padding at the top for paragraphs that are the first element.
  • Updated spacing for placeholder
  • Fixed tabs-classic rendering with improved styling and support for glyphs.
  • Dynamic spacing added for tab glyphs and buttons (you can still use manual padding like pad-left and pad-right, but will be phased out in 0.5.5.
  • Improved toast interface.

Breaking Changes

  • Modal animation selectors now follow BEM conventions, ex: modal-animated--zoom-in instead of modal-zoom-in.
  • card-tile is now tile.
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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Sep 12, 2017 · 507 commits to master since this release

Major updates to much of the code base with a brand new header system, small touches to make user interface much more consistent, and other utility classes for greater flexibility in design.

Main Updates

  • Much improved header bar with better support for theming and layouts.
  • Added examples for menu toggles using CSS only and JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Margin fixes to card component.
  • Updates to table styling.
  • More intuitive lists (deprecated .nested-list since it was not needed anymore).
  • Better animation for dropdown lists from buttons.
  • Added tree-navs for navigation menus on the side along with different tree modes, layouts, and more.
  • Updated animated card titles to use .card-tile instead of rows and columns and fixed text being covered up.
  • Deprecated .mobile-title .title and .mobile-title .subtitle
  • Deprecated row.flex in favor of fluid-container.wrap for flex layouts with wrapping.
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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Aug 4, 2017 · 593 commits to master since this release

This release updates Cirrus substantially with support for many components including updates to animations, buttons, cards, dropdown menus, and all other existing classes as well as many fixes. New additions include card tiles, frames, a new form structure, media content, modal dialogs, placeholders, and toasts.

Please note that updates after this version will involve some breaking changes, especially to the header class. The docs will only show documentation for the new header structure after this version.

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@Spiderpig86 Spiderpig86 released this Jan 18, 2017 · 828 commits to master since this release

First alpha release.

There are a couple of bumps here and there, but it should be fully usable for a project. Please report any issues in the issues tab!

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