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Very high walking speed after switching server #475

chdxD1 opened this Issue · 10 comments

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On the default server the walking speed is just like the normal one but as I switch to another server it got changed somehow and as I switch back to the default server, it is still the same.

Both servers are vanilla MC servers. Running 1.6.1 and "git-BungeeCord-Proxy-1.5-SNAPSHOT-"12941ff"-554 by md_5".

Seems like something wrong with the packet 0xCA.


I'm having the same issue. Using this CraftBukkit repo:


Happened to me with the CraftBukkit release of MonsieurApple too but wanted a proof with vanilla servers.

This is my fix. Should work so far! @md-5 ...


Created the PR, but it doesn't seem like it's working (e.g. no effect):

Build is here:


For me it is. I tested this before pasting the code here and it worked.


Hey chdxD1, can u paste a .jar link please :) much apprecaited


This is what I use at the moment:


Pulled the PR, let me know how it goes

@md-5 md-5 closed this
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