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A unified framework for spike sorting. Paper at:

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  1. spikeinterface spikeinterface Public

    A Python-based module for creating flexible and robust spike sorting pipelines.

    Python 477 183

  2. spiketutorials spiketutorials Public

    Tutorials for using SpikeInterface on extracellular datasets.

    Jupyter Notebook 60 34

  3. probeinterface probeinterface Public

    Python package to handle probe layout, geometry and wiring to device.

    Python 50 42

  4. spikeinterface-gui spikeinterface-gui Public

    GUI for spikeinterface objects

    Python 18 6

  5. spikeinterface-dockerfiles spikeinterface-dockerfiles Public

    Collection of spike sorters Docker files

    Dockerfile 8 8

  6. probeinterface_library probeinterface_library Public

    Collection of probe description for probeinterface

    Python 9 5


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