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A unified framework for spike sorting. For discussion/questions about spike sorting, please join as at

Pinned repositories

  1. A Python-based module for creating flexible and robust spike sorting pipelines.

    Python 18 5

  2. A GUI for running popular spike sorting algorithms on extracellular data of any file format.

    Python 6 2

  3. Tutorials for using SpikeInterface on extracellular datasets.

    Jupyter Notebook 8 2

  4. Python-based module for extracting from, converting between, and interfacing with with many common file formats in extracellular recording

    Python 90 23

  5. Python-based tools for pre-, post-processing, validating, and curating spike sorting datasets.

    Python 23 9

  6. Python-based module with spike sorter wrappers and a simple API for running them.

    Python 4 5

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