A Library extending WPILIB with extra features
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Welcome to SpikesLib!

SpikesLib is an open source, generic library, which extends FRC WPILib by adding useful features to it. This library was written by the FRC team The Spikes #2212. For more information about us, visit our site.

The Purpose Of The Library

There are many concepts in First Robotics Competition that repeat themeselves every year, with a small change in implemantation. The purpose of SpikesLib is to reduce time in writing code for your robot and reduce the chances of incountering bugs, by creating generic classes for common types of subsystems and commands.

Download and Setup SpikesLib


To download the library (.zip file) go to the latest release and you can download the jar there.

Installation (for Eclipse)

  1. Extract the SpikesLib2.zip file into C:\Users%USERNAME%\wpilib\user\java\lib
  2. Open Eclipse
  3. Right click on the wanted project
  4. Hover on Build Path
  5. Click on Configure Build Path
  6. Click on Add External JARs
  7. Find and add the SpikesLib2.jar file
  8. return 0


We created a repository with a pleathra of examples of how to use SpikesLib.
You can learn how to use this library by reading the examples and playing with them.


Omri "Riki" Cohen - +972 54-626-4324
Uriah "Jhonny" Rokach - +972 58-430-9901