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A Google Query Using Speech to Text made in Python 3
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A Google Query Using Speech to Text made in Python3

Before Running

  1. Make sure to have Python3 installed
  2. Make sure to have Tkinter installed (Usually already installed with Python)
  3. Make sure to have PyAudio installed
  4. Make sure to have SpeechRecognition installed
  5. Launch
  6. Click the Button and Record Your Audio
  7. Speech turns to speech
  8. Google opens and searches your query

Install Modules

To install modules required after installing Python3, run in Command Promp/Powershell:

  1. pip3 install tkinter
  2. pip3 install PyAudio
  3. pip3 install SpeechRecognition

If PyAudio doesn't install, download PyAudio at:
Then, shift+right click at the location of where it was downloaded and open Command Promt/Powershell
Once done, run "pip3 install <name_of_the_file.whl>"

Side Note

Currently working only for English language!

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