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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SpineML xmlns:UL=""
xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
<Experiment name="Brette Experiment"
description="add a description for the experiment here">
<Model network_layer_url="Brette_Benchmark_Network.xml" />
<Simulation duration="1" preferred_simulator="BRAHMS">
<EulerIntegration dt="0.1" />
<LogOutput name="spike_I" target="Inhibitory" port="spike"
start_time="0" />
<LogOutput name="spike_E" target="Excitatory" port="spike"
start_time="0" />
<LogOutput name="v_I" target="Inhibitory" port="v" indices="0"
start_time="0" />
<LogOutput name="v_E" target="Excitatory" port="v" indices="0"
start_time="0" />