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Contributing Guide

Of course irc.dart is Open Source! We love it when people contribute!

Getting Started

Making Changes

Code Style

irc.dart follows the Dart Style Guide. Please note that if your code is not formatted according to the guide as much as possible, we will reject your Pull Request until it is fixed. Some things such as long lines will generally be accepted, however try to make it smaller if possible.


irc.dart is committed to efficiency as much as possible. If your code is not efficient, then we will probably reject your Pull Request, and ask for you to improve your code.


Pull Request rejections are not a bad thing. It just means you need to fix something. Perhaps it is important to define 'rejection' as it is used in this case. A rejection is when a irc.dart committer comments on a Pull Request with a comment like 'rejected due to incorrect formatting'.

Contacting Us

  • IRC: #directcode on