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Software development bot that automatically repairs programs and build failures on Travis Continuous Integration. Join the bot revolution! 🌟🤖🌟💞
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Repairnator: a program repair bot for continuous integration

Repairnator is a software development bot that automatically repairs build failures on continuous integration. It monitors failing Travis CI builds in Java projects, tries to locally reproduce the failing builds and finally attempts to repair them with the state-of-the-art of automated program repair research. Repairnator is a community effort, driven by Martin Monperrus at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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-- The Repairnator team

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Learn about Repairnator



Academic papers



See the usage section of our documentation.

If you want to bring your own tool in Repairnator, have a look on contribution guidelines 😄

Content of the repository

This repository is organized as follows:

  • doc contains some documentation about Repairnator and its usage
  • repairnator is the main program dedicated to this project: it can automatically scan large set of projects, detect failing builds, reproduce them and try to repair them using our tools
  • bears-usage is a side project dedicated to gather data from repairnator.json files
  • resources contains mainly data produced by Repairnator and scripts to retrieve those data. It also contain the schema of repairnator.json files.
  • website contains all data to produce repairnator website

Each directory contains its own Readme explaining its own internal organization.



The content of this repository is licensed under the MIT terms.

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