Converting svg files from Inkscape to .scad files to edit with OpenSCAD and later convert to .stl to print on a RepRap or 3D printer.
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svg2scad (0.005) is a perl script and requires some additional modules, which you can install 
like this:

   % cpan XML::Simple Math::Bezier Data::Dumper

that's all.   

==Install Script==

   % cp svg2scad /usr/bin/
   % sudo make install
==How to use==

1) Draw a path in Inkscape, save it as file.svg

2) Run svg2scad

   % svg2scad file.svg

creates a file.scad

3) OpenSCAD you can include that file:

   linear_extrude(height=10) include <file.scad>

and hit F5 to display the polygon, or make a nice extrusion:

   % svg2scad -openrot sample4.svg

the -openrot switch ensures open polygon prepared for rotational extrusion:
first and last coordinate x-position to be the same, making a closed volume;
OpenSCAD otherwise cannot compile and create a STL file.   
   rotate_extrude ($fn=100) include <sample4.scad>

4) higher bezier curve subdivision (default = 32)

   % svg2scad -bzsteps 64 myvase.svg
that's it!