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Camera tracking has to catch up after using minimap/respawn/teleport #4

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It's annoying having to wait for the camera to "run" back to the champion after you moved it manually w/ the minimap or you respawn (this might be fixed with #3 ) or teleport. Sometimes it might be dangerous because you won't have vision while it's catching up.

I tried to increase temporarily the lerp speed when the camera position is far away but it didn't work too well, I'll try again later tonight.


About the respawn / teleport :
We can fix it by checking the champion position at the beginnning of each loop, and if distance(champion_old_pos, champion_cur_pos) > X (X = too far), reset camera = champion.

About the minimap, I think it is another issue, we should handle it differently :
We can fix this by saving the camera state when the left mouse button is pressed, and restore it when it is released ?

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