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Splatformer Tutorial

by Alex Bezuska

Splat ECS is a free and Open Source game engine project with the goal of making it easy to build games which are native to the web. Splat ECS is JavaScript and all the code you write to create your game is 100% real JavaScript and JSON. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using Splat ECS and by the end we will have a simple game.

Click here to view the tutorial

#How to get help

If you found a bug or have a question, please feel free to do any of the following:
  • Contact the author @alexbezuska on twitter
  • Submit a github issue
  • Submit a pull request

#How to contribute

The tutorial is split into many html files located in tutorial/src/ to make it eisier to find what you are looking for and make quick edits to each section.

To start:
  • Fork this project and clone your fork to your local machine
  • Make edits to the appropriate html file located intutorial/src/
To test on your local machine:
  • In your terminal navigate to the root of this project example: cd Splatformer-Tutorial/

  • Use this simple command to create the compiled index.html file:

cat src/*.html > index.html

This command simply smashes all of the html files in tutorial/src/ together into one big file, maintaining the alphabetical other they are in (each file begins with a number).

  • Open the resulting index.html file in your browser and confirm that your changes were made successfully.

  • Submit a pull request and add some notes on the reason for your change.

The tutorial is manual uploaded to and I can update it as needed.

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