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How to subclass HMGLTransitionManager? #15

zakdances opened this Issue · 2 comments

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How can I subclass HMGLTransitionManager? I'm attempting it now, but my override methods are not being called. Is there a recommended way to create a subclass? Do the source files need to be changed so that the superclass methods are declared in the .h?


I want to subclass HMGLTransitionManager so I can choose my own "destination" view controller after dismissing a modal view controller.

For example, I have a modal view controller which is called from a view controller on a navigation controller stack. Then that same modal view controller calls its own modal view controller (so there are now 2 modal view controllers open and stacked on top of each other). When I dismiss the currently visible modal view controller, I want to return to the original view controller on the nav stack.

Here is a visual interpretation (VC stands for view controller):

VC A (on nav stack) -> VC B (modal) -> VC C (modal)

When I dismiss VC C, I want to return to VC A instead of VC B. I've found the only way to do this is to make some changes to HMGLTransitionManager's dismissModalViewController method. Specifically I've added this line:

self.currentController = modalViewController.presentingViewController.presentingViewController;

which works correctly, but I want to add it to a subclass instead of altering the source files directly.

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