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We have created this Prestashop plugin to provide merchants ease to use Splitit as their payment gateway.


Splitit’s patented technology, created for Prestashop, is revolutionizing the retail world by enabling seamless installment payments for businesses of all sizes and type. With this payment method, ecommerce merchants can add an additional payment option to their checkout process that can decrease cart abandonment rates and increase ticket sizes. The Prestashop Splitit extension allows you to promote your products with the number of installments pre-calculated and featured in various locations throughout the site including your homepage, your product page and your cart. Splitit was carefully designed to meet all Prestashop best development practices and is compatible with all other extensions. Splitit integrates with all major credit card processors and gateways around the world, and is PCI DSS compliant. Thus, businesses worldwide can offer Splitit installment plans to consumers from any country.

In order to use Splitit services, it is first required to the sign up with us. While the extension is free, our service requires fees – you can review our fees when you fill out our application form - after you enter your merchant’s country.


  • You have the option to promote your products with the number of installments pre-calculated under the product price.
  • A Splitit button is added to your website for fast and easy checkout.
  • At checkout, the shopper has the option to choose "Splitit Monthly Payments" as one of their payment methods. After the shopper chooses Splitit, the Splitit payment form appears and the shopper enters his credit card information and his desired number of installments. PCI regulated data is entered directly in the Splitit hosted payment form reducing merchant's PCI requirements.
  • Splitit provides you with an additional POS for offline and phone orders.


  • No Application, Registration or Credit Check is required to use to Splitit Installment Solution.
  • Our solution promotes growth for ecommerce as well as in-store retail, and includes e-Wallet capabilities.
  • Unlike consumer financing solutions, the core of Splitit is the ability to optimize a card holder’s unused credit line as security for an installment plan.
  • The merchant does not assume any greater risk than they have with a regular card transaction, and the consumer can easily charge any purchase on their existing credit card and pay it back in monthly interest free installments.
  • By offering customers affordable monthly payment options that fit any budget, you instantly increase their purchasing power
  • Splitit patented solution works just like a regular credit card transaction and operates on your current payment gateway.


It's a plug and play plugin. But you need to create an account on Splitit and obtain API terminal key, Username and Password to use the plugin.



Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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