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What is refreshVersions?

refreshVersions helps Gradle users with the tedious manual work usually involved in adding and updating dependencies and their versions.


See documentation at


// settings.gradle(.kts)
plugins {
    // See
    id("de.fayard.refreshVersions") version "0.60.5"

refreshVersions { // Optional: configure the plugin
    // ...

Read the friendly documentation


Make sure the project is correctly set up (see just above).

Migrate project:

The refreshVersionsMigrate task can help you migrate your project in a few minutes, or less.

In version 0.50.0, support for Gradle's Versions Catalogs was added (see discussion thread here), so a --mode option is now required.

Run it without it to see the complete list and the full description of each mode:

./gradlew refreshVersionsMigrate
Examples (click to expand)

If you want to use only and the built-in dependencies notations, run:

./gradlew refreshVersionsMigrate --mode=VersionsPropertiesOnly

To also use a versions catalog for non-built-in dependency notations, run:

./gradlew refreshVersionsMigrate --mode=VersionCatalogAndVersionProperties

Find available updates in and the default versions catalog, if any:

./gradlew refreshVersions

Cleanup versions availability comments:

./gradlew refreshVersionsCleanup