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Version 4.0
Snow mod is now a complimentary mod to the default snow found in minetest.
HybridDog's large changes, fixes and more (see commit log).
Version 3.2
Update compatibility to the latest minetest.
Version 0.3.1
Paramat's rewrite of mapgenv6.lua: bugfixes, use noisemaps for big speed increase
Version 3.0
LazyJ's big changes (see LazyJ-changelog.txt)
Ice freezes-over.
Better leveled snow.
PLUS MORE! (see commit log)
Version 2.0
Uses default namespace.
Version 1.8
Mapgen_v7 support.
Better config system.
Falling snow.
Version 1.4
New biomes, snowy and plain
Christmas Trees
Version 1.3
Smooth transitions
Snow Bricks
Version 1.2
Pine trees
Alpine biomes
Dry shrubs
Version 1.1
Better mapgen
Version 1.0
Initial release