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A pure python framework that implements the 1.8 Minecraft protocol for building Minecraft clients
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Spock currently supports Minecraft 1.8.1

Bot framework, currently under heavy development

Protocol stuff lives in spock/mcp
Map stuff lives in spock/mcmap
Important client stuff lives in spock/plugins/core
Less important stuff lives in spock/plugins/helpers

Client could loosely be called "event-driven", by default plugins register handler functions to handle events that may or may not be emitted by other plugins. Everything is a plugin in spock, including the event loop/framework itself, so you can feel free to rip out the entire back end and replace it with your framework or paradigm of choice. As long as you provide the same simple APIs, other plugins won't know the difference.

Currently writing Spock plugins requires a fairly intricate understanding of the MC protocol, since there aren't many plugins that provide higher abstractions than MC packets. That said the API is starting to shape up quite nicely, we've got timers, basic physics, and the beginnings of a World API.

Spock officially supports Python 3.x on *Nix operating systems and requires PyCrypto. It also runs on Windows and under Python 2.7+ but that's not regularly tested and might break at any given moment. If you support one of those use cases and Spock breaks for you, submit an issue with a stack trace and we'll try to fix it.


Python 3.x or Python 2.7+


python3 install


Some Useful Examples

API Docs

Current API docs live here


#spockbot on Freenode
gamingrobot or nickelpro in #mcdevs on Freenode


Inspired by remyroy's COPS, a Minecraft client in Python. Protocol implementation based on barneymc

COPS was a service that tracked players on a minecraft server called Civcraft. It looked like this


License is MIT and can be found in LICENSE

The NBT parser and the original protocol implementation came from other projects, relevant legal information and attribution can be found in

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