Documentation for Sponge and its Implementations
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Sponge Documentation Build Status

This is the repository where the Sponge documentation is held.

The latest version may be viewed in full by visiting Sponge Docs


Instructions and Guidelines on how to contribute can be found on the Docs themselves.


We're eagerly looking for translators! Please visit the CrowdIn translation page, sign up, join the team, and start translating.

Local Environment

You can setup an environment so you can instantly see the changes that have been made to the docs.

  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install node.js

In terminal or the command line, within the directory containing this README, run the following commands:

npm install -g gulp
npm install
pip install -r requirements.txt

Your browser should open to reveal the docs. When you make a change to the documentation, the docs should refresh in the browser (possibly after a few seconds).