API rest environment for api.sponzor.me. Build your own endpoints in Laravel
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# Conflicts:
#	.env-dev
#	app/Models/Event.php
#	app/Models/Perk.php
#	app/Models/PerkTask.php
#	app/Models/Sponzorship.php
#	app/Models/TaskSponzor.php
#	app/models/Event.php
#	app/models/PerkTask.php
#	app/models/Sponzorship.php
#	app/models/TaskSponzor.php
#	composer.lock
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Sponzorme Api



  1. Oracle VirtualBox or VMW compatible with Vagrant virtualBoxLink
  2. Vagrant vagrantLink
  3. Git. gitLink
  4. Composer composerLink
  5. Clone Scotch Box LAMP Environment. Download
  6. Enter in your Vagrant VM.
vagrant ssh

Set up

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Put the repository in an accessible folder.
  3. Create in your machine an accessible folder to configure the vagrant machine.
  4. Run the following commands
composer require laravel/homestead --dev  
	vendor\bin\homestead make

  php vendor/bin/homestead make
  1. Generate a ssh-key in .ssh folder called id_rsa.pub (Only windows required)
  2. Run Vagrant up in command line
  3. Modify the following items in homestead.yaml file: -folders -sites -databases -hostnames -map
  4. Run vagrant reload
  5. Create a hostname in your SO in order to create url go to api.sponzor.me in the host file, using the IP given in homstead.yaml
  6. Run vagrant provision
  7. Create and save the .env file based on enviroment_sample provided.
  8. Run vagrant SSH and execute the following commands
  # cd sponzorme
  # composer update
	# php artisan migrate
	# php artisan migrate:refresh --seed
	# sudo composer global require phpunit/phpunit
	# composer global update
  # phpunit


  1. Install and Setup Vagrant Plugin with Digital Ocean. Instructions Here

That's it!!

Api version