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A twitter bootstrap wizard.


  1. Add the dependency to your composer.json file:
    "require": {
        "spoonx/sxbootstrapwizard": "0.2.*"


Here's a simple example:

php (view)


// Add the assets

// The title to show. (Automatically translated, whenever a translator is available).
$title  = 'My dialog!';

// The ID needed to reference your wizard later on
$id = 'my-wizard';

// Create a new wizard instance
$wizard = $this->sxbWizard($title, $id);

/* Add a card.
 * $label       The label for the card. (Automatically translated, whenever a translator is available).
 * $content     The content for the card. Allowed types are:
 *                  - ViewModel
 *                  - /path/to/view (will be resolved, and loaded using partial helper)
 *                  - string
 * $cardName    The name of the card (used in the front-end)
$wizard->addCard($label, $viewModel, $cardName);

echo $wizard


var options = {},
    wizard  = $("#my-wizard").wizard(options);;

Questions / support

If you're having trouble with the module there are a couple of resources that might be of help.