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feat(datatable): normalize keys for displayValue

accepts now any combination of dot-seperated strings and arrays of those
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doktordirk committed Jul 21, 2016
1 parent 54833ec commit 86fe55949016425e44a2efdfdaed92b501250a20
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  1. +22 −3 src/datatable.js
@@ -217,16 +217,35 @@ export class DataTable {

displayValue(row, propertyName) {
return fetchFrom(row, propertyName);
displayValue(row, ...propertyName) {
return fetchFrom(row, normalizeKey(...propertyName));

* Used to normalize keys of mixed array and dot-separated string to a single array of undotted strings
* @param {string|Array<keys>} keys (dot-separated) string(s) or array of keys
* @param {Array} Rest of the arguments
* @return {Array} that The key normalized to an array of strings
function normalizeKey(key, {
* First, we split the arguments in key and rest
* then, if key is an array, we need to normalize it as well
* else it can be split into an array directly
* if the rest was empty, we're done
* if not we concat our normalized key with the normalized rest
let normalized = Array.isArray(key) ? normalizeKey(...key) : key.split('.');
return rest.length === 0 ? normalized : normalized.concat(normalizeKey(;

* Fetches value from (nested) object with a normalized key
* @param {Object} data The data to fetch data from
* @param {string|Array<keys>} keys (dot-separated) string(s) or array of keys
* @param {string|Array<keys>} keys string or array of keys
* @param {Array<key>} Rest of the arguments
* @return {any} that The retrieved value from the data

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